I See You is an intergenerational drama project. It connects residents from York’s care homes with young students from across the city.


Our drama practitioners work with young people, who create interview questions for each care home resident. They then interview the care home resident and devise a performance piece based on the stories they’ve shared.


The piece is then performed back to the older person and their family. Wow. Tears of joy.  Lit up faces!


It’s a very powerful and emotional project. And it’s lots of fun. We all learn an incredible amount about each other, plus heaps of drama and performance skills, along the way.


The project also increases the visibility of older people in York by giving a voice to their surprising, heartbreaking and often inspirational stories.


And, by connecting the generations, we’re able to reduce isolation and loneliness among older people, and share wisdom and life experience with younger ones.


Click below to watch one of our ‘bubbles’ of teenagers working on the story of a resident called Muriel.

I See You.png
Janet, 80, I See You participant.png
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